Tesla Autopilot Prevents Car Crash
Joshua went for a spin in his new Tesla in April on its autopilot mode. This video shows the trip and captures the moment Joshua is about to be hit by a boom truck. Luckily, Joshua says, the Tesla’s autopilot engages, swerving Joshua away from the oncoming vehicle, and avoiding the crash. Credit: YouTube/Joshua Brown
  • 名雲
    如果是走山路 後方車從旁邊超車 那自動駕駛車向右靠 不就撞山或是摔山了
  • h
    common sense won't work for the in brigade..... ITS A NO BRAINER.....the in brigade will endorse the sale of the NHS......
  • 消費者
    意思是可以完全交給電腦? 那以後車內改放麻將桌好了? 記得繫好安全帶就好~
  • 赤星
  • C
    Are they all completely stupid, if your fiddling the tax man you don't put it on your tax return, my god what complete and utter idiots !!
  • b
    快到交流道口還開在外側 也不知道加速通過 這算三寶之一嗎
  • 蕾
    再過20年吧 應該就沒多少新生代(愛飆車愛現的那類的除外)會自己開車了
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    Why is it these days that people want to take photos of theselves,are we all so self obcessed?
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    Voice of reason
    These automatic cars are absolutely BRILLIANT!
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