Mother who breastfeeds her 5yo daughter
Stay-at-home mum Miira, 36, nurses Tara three times a day, as well as her two-year-old brother Ray Lee (doub corr), and husband Jim even moved out of their marital bed so she can spend every night with the pair. The former science researcher, of Poole, Dorset, realises other parents at Tara’s school, where she is just finishing her first year, may raise an eyebrow at their habits but says she doesn’t care and has the backing of science.
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    The worst part is putting this in video and announcing it to the world. Your 8 year old may be fine with it now, but eventually, that video will not be so "normal" to her. Sorry, 8 years old is way too old to be breastfeeding.
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    Voice Of Reason
    This woman will still be breastfeeding her kids when they're - How old ? How old is 'too old', in her eyes ?
    I'd say she's already long ago reached that point, especially with the 8 year old.
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    Voice Of Reason
    Anything for attention in this day and age. She should be reported and investigated by the child welfare authorities. Welfare should cover 'mental welfare' of the children, too.
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    This is ridiculous!!
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    Breastfeeding is very important but you could clearly see there was no milk coming out. She's using the nipple as a pacifier. Now, that's not healthy for an 8 year old. If the young girl really enjoys the breast milk just pump the milk out.
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    Why isn't the husband doing anything to stop this freakshow? If it were my wife I'd be taking her to get some help for her mental disorder.
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    If she wants to continue breastfeeding in order to increase the childs health than maybe she should breast pump at least for the 5 year old jeez. It looks so unnatural for a 5 year old to be attached to her moms boob like that.
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    i think my hubby would have something to say about being kicked out of our bed to feed a 5 and a 2 year old surely she could feed them in their own bedrooms
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