雞排妹根本沒賣過雞排! 73萬粉絲團突然改名字了

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雞排妹根本沒賣過雞排! 73萬粉絲團突然改名字了

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  • 虛偽醜陋DDT民退黨
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    Eagle = Dreamer
  • 天蠍男
  • 李小龍
    O。O ~ ^。^

    我們的星球,是變動的,生老病死,喜怒哀樂,生命 生生不息。


    很多國家,現在溫度,正+40度 或 負-40度, 生 活 和 生存,非常艱辛。


    蘇+澳+後勤+某某部,也曾 酒後駕車,BMW,車頭全毀,引擎噴飛,人沒事,上過頭條新聞,網路可以查尋到。(上新聞)


    不知道,今年 還是去年,某艦9+3+7,有士兵,去淡水遊玩,因薪俸較低,且薪俸運用和理財不佳,到賣場超市,偷竊一盒保險套。(就算船號記錯,內容不會錯,因為是,公開場合,全體宣導,注意事項)(沒上新聞)






    請強化,資訊安全,駭客已經厲害到,可以入侵手機,啟動與關閉軟件,並監視手機與盜取圖片和資料,造成用戶的錯覺,刻意制造出,手機用戶,幻想 或 精神病。





    不然誰知道,到底有沒有,少印 或 多印。








    全世界都相同問題,所以才會打,貿易戰。(太平洋 魚獲 和 工作機會)


    大家,房貸額度用光、信貸額度用光、信用卡額度用光、商品沒供需 股票炒不起來、虛擬貨幣 假的上上下下。(負債累累)

    只能說,以前買到房屋 或 擁房者,已經 還清債務的人,才是幸福的。(低房價)


    (洗腦兼爛權 的 學長學弟制 軍隊)槽糕到不行。




    Come on, don't give up, our planet is changing, with birth, old age, sickness and death, joy, anger, sorrow and joy, and life is endless.

    Contentment is always happy.

    In many countries, the current temperature is positive +40 degrees or negative -40 degrees. It is very difficult to live and survive.


    Su + Australia + logistics + XX department, also once drunk driving, BMW, the front of the car was completely destroyed, the engine was flying, people were okay, the headlines can be found on the Internet. (On the news)

    There have also been special cases involving his wife, unlicensed driving, husband and soldier. They went to work with neighbors, made fake car accidents, and scam the insurance company. Although later, he was uneasy, he voluntarily informed the insurance company. , The police found it and transferred it to the Prefectural Procuratorate for investigation. (Not in the news)

    I don't know, this year or last year, a certain ship 9+3+7, there are soldiers, go to Danshui to play, because the salary is low, and the use of salary and financial management are not good, go to the supermarket and steal a box of condoms. (Even if the ship number is wrong, the content will not be wrong, because it is, public occasions, all publicity, precautions) (not on the news)


    Su + Australia, South + Fang + Australia.

    The community, the camp, it's really bad.

    Puyuma derailment incident, bridge fracture incident, navy Yiqingfeng incident.


    Please strengthen information security. Hackers are already powerful enough to invade mobile phones, start and close software, monitor mobile phones and steal pictures and data, causing users to misunderstand, deliberately creating, mobile phone users, fantasy or mental illness.

    Interests and conflicts, severance and control.


    Scratch music, the number above should be,
    Hair style version, coded,
    After that, the number of issued sheets is used for coding.

    ABC-1234567 (style-number of sheets)

    Otherwise, who knows, whether there is less printing or more printing.


    Support charity rolls. If you have money, you will certainly help those in need.

    Please put it on the shelf, because it lost money, and it was taken off, Lexian Jiugongge, thank you.

    Please close the plate at 20:00 and draw at 20:05. (The lottery is drawn at 20:30, the reason is that it needs to be calculated, the amount of sales, to cheat a three-year-old child)


    A world of lies, hype, brainwashing...

    It has been long since, there is nothing, commodity supply and demand, that's why everyone has no income. (Everyone is getting angry, see who has more food)

    The world has the same problem, so it will fight a trade war. (Pacific Fish Catch and Job Opportunities)

    Food is real (king way), everything else is fake!
    Is the economy good or bad?

    Everyone, the mortgage line is used up, the credit line is used up, the credit card line is used up, there is no supply and demand for goods, stocks cannot be speculated, and virtual currencies are going up and down. (Large debts)

    It can only be said that those who have bought or owned a house before and who have paid off their debts are happy. (Low house price)

    It used to be, (slow life), (agricultural age), (less competition), (everyone has a field), (everyone has a house), but now it’s the other way around.

    (Brainwashing and ruined power of the senior schoolmate system army) Too bad.

    (Playing with people, embezzlement, the incident never ends), (Extinguish evidence and venting responsibility, the first place), (Commercial value for zero), (Only from the national treasury, through the budget, the tax paid by the people and the tax will be squandered)

    [Grass-roots workers are the same as Lao Bai, but they are more valuable, offering value]

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