At 104, is this the world's oldest skydiver?

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STORY: "I think if you have the opportunity to go, go and enjoy it. And you would enjoy it."

Is this the world's oldest skydiver?

104-year-old Dorothy Hoffner did a 13,500-foot tandem leap from an airplane

Locator: Chicago, Illinois

[Dorothy Hoffner, Skydiver]

“It's really a wonderful feeling to feel the earth under you. So pretty. Sunday was a beautiful day. And all that green grass down there. Wonderful."

Hoffner was met with a huge round of applause once she landed

"It was wonderful, I enjoyed it. And I couldn't understand why those people were there. But as I say, all I did was get old, older. I'm not old, just older."

Hoffner is hoping to receive a Guinness World Record for oldest skydiver

[Les Moore, Dorothy Hoffner's friend]

“I think a lot of people that were sitting and watching it or maybe are watching this, may be thinking, 'God, if she can do it, why can't I?'"