Crowd Delights in Come-From-Behind Win in North Carolina Baby Race

1 年前

A crowd was delighted as a baby made a dramatic come-from-behind win during a half-time show baby race at North Carolina University, footage posted on March 14 showed.

The early leader, Lyla, can be seen storming ahead; however, she then crawls towards other parents and not her own, the commentator can be heard saying.

She pauses near the finish line, allowing another baby, Jimmy, to close in. But he also decides to take a break. Both then disastrously decided to turn back.

The drama continues as baby Brexley, who had only started crawling a week before the race, according to her mother, stormed through to the finish line.

Brexley and her parents won a $529 check to go toward her future education, CNN reported. Credit: Carolina Blitz via Storyful