Cuddly Baby Goat Adorably Captures Woman's Heart

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This lucky woman is visiting a very unique goat farm in Ontario, Canada, called Haute Goat. The guests here are treated to a wonderful experience as they stroll around the farm with a herd of friendly goats. The goats follow and munch happily on grass and clover while guests pet them and take pictures. After they get their fill of clover, the stroll takes them back the barn area where the babies are brought to an enclosure with climbing structures and toys. The goats climb and frolic as guests take turns cuddling with them. This happy little baby too a liking to Kristy who sat on a bench to watch the goats. The baby repeatedly jumps onto the bench and climbs into her arms to be cuddled. Goats are curious and affectionate creatures that enjoy the contact with the people who come here to visit. The goats here are all named and treated like family.