Carving Two Hearts Into a Pencil Tip by Salavat Fidai

9 年前
An impressive video has emerged from Russia of a local artist carving two hearts into the end of a pencil. In the video, artist Salavat Fidai, 42, uses a craft knife to carefully shape the point of the pencil into two interlinking hearts. Fidai says he has to use a magnifying glass to complete the work. ++CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: MUSIC IS ROYALTY FREE++ "Life of Riley" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 --- I live and work in Ufa, Russia, near the Ural Mountains. IM 42 years old. I draw in early childhood. I went to art school. I don’t have a formal art education, but my parents were both art teachers. But then I went to law school and 20 years worked as a manager in the office. After my firm went through some big cut backs, art has become my new job. I decided not to return to the office work and devoted all his time to art. So at age 42 I became a freelance artist. Draw pictures and miniatures I started in November 2014. Pencils carved with January 2015. I am inspired by a lot of different kinds of art and amazing works of other authors around the world. I am inspired by paintings by Van Gogh and other impressionists. I am inspired by music. I am inspired by the heroes of comic books and blockbuster films. I am inspired by my family: my children and my devoted beautiful wife. When I work with oil on canvas – it’s more emotional and expressive. If I paint acrylic on seeds – it’s hard work and detail oriented. When I carve sculptures from pencils, it’s more meditative and relax. One pencil I cut from 6 to 12 hours. Some sophisticated models do two days. Thumbnails on the seeds I draw one or two days. To cut a pencil I use a craft knife and magnifying glass. To paint miniatures I use a brush №0 Kolinsky sable.