Plane battling strong winds at Leeds-Bradford Airport

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5 年前
Footage of a Flybe aircraft battling strong winds at Leeds-Bradford Airport in the UK this morning. It eventually landed safely, according to the filmer.
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    OMG. That pilot has earned his salary today!!!
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    Achmed The Dead Terrorist
    Thanks Yahoo,we can see on the film it landed safely. Well done pilot; not so easy in a twin prop.
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    Not a rare occurrence at Leeds/Bradford
  • J
    I would have needed clean underwear if I'd been on that plane!
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    Great shot of the trees......
  • K
    King dong
    More lazy #$%$ reporting from Yahoo. It's not a plane - that is something you use on wood. It's an aeroplane.
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    Am sure pilots heart was in his mouth. Glad he made a safe landing. Jim G
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    Nothing but respect for anyone good at their job.
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    Duh.. we can see that and if it hadn't it would be all over the news !
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    I have noticed the winds in the North are far stronger than the Met Office claim they are. Is this to cheat claimants out of their insurance money that they have paid for.
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