Bear Squeezes Through Tiny Window of Colorado Home to Steal Food

491 次觀看・10 個月前

A bear was caught on camera breaking a small window of a home in Idaho Springs, Colorado, and squeezing through the opening to steal food while the homeowners were away in August.

Sabrina Vasquez’s security camera recorded the determined bear breaking a window, taking food, and wandering around their property for four days.

“This bear had a never-ending buffet,” said Vasquez.

While Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) advises against feeding bears, Vasquez claims neighbors feed bears, making the animal aware of food in the house.

She told KDVR the bear devoured her husband’s tomahawk steak, raided the fridge, and explored the pantry.

CBS News reported that she’s cooperating with CPW regarding the incident.

CPW recommends locking doors and windows and using bear-proof trash cans in bear-prone areas. Credit: Sabrina Vasquez via Storyful