X-Men stars could join Avengers -- or be out of jobs

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1 年前
Now that Fox is part of Disney, the stars of the X-Men movies could be joining the Avengers -- or they could be out of jobs. The actors appearing in this summer's "Dark Phoenix" say they're happy to play in the Marvel cinematic universe if Disney will have them. (April 19)
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    Quicksilver is one of the only characters that Fox did better than Disney. If any characters were able to be brought over, I would want it to be him.
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    Naa, I think both fans and Marvel want nothing do with the Fox's X-Men...clean reboot is the way to go...
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    Lol @ 'out of jobs'

    Ryan Reynolds will be the sole survivor - unless they can convince Jackman to reprise his role once for a Deadpool/Wolverine movie (which would be VERY easy based on Deadpool 2 end credits)
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    Apart from Hugh Jackman and Michael Fassbender, I can't think of any of them I'd be at all interested in seeing continue their role.
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    Here's the difference between the MCU and Fox's X-Men movies. The MCU has actual effort put into them. Rewatch the X-Men movies and see how little effort was put into them. The only Fox movies that had effort put into them were the Deadpool movies.
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    Absolutely not I don't want to see any of these train wrecks from the fox world that have completely demolished the comic book that got me through the hardest times in my youth. Reboot it and give us 5he xmen we have wanted for 20 years
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    ? Disney already said Deadpool will be the only X-man not rebooted
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    With time travel playing a major role in Endgame the cost will resort in the infinity stones causing mutations once the Avenger time wins and ends up back in present day. This is the introduction to the X-men universe. While I root for this to happen I wouldn’t mind a true reboot with a new cast for the X-men tie in.
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    I'd rather see single X-Men characters mixed in with the Avengers. Wolverine as an Avenger would be cool. A lot X-Men were Avengers.
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    Concerned Citizen
    I am not sure they would make a good fit, I think they might try something like it soon, I mean after avengers you have Robert, and both Chris's leaving so that will leave a HUGE hole that I am not sure Marvel will be able to fill as iron Man, Captain America and Thor movies are about 40% of the money Marvel has made. I am thinking they might make a movie where a YOUNGER wolverine is in it, as that was pretty much the bank movie for the X-men
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