Baby Capybara Siblings Learn New Tricks at Houston Zoo

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Capybara pups Bruno and Pepa were rewarded with treats after learning new tricks in Houston, Texas, on Thursday, August 4, according to the Houston Zoo.

Four-month-old Bruno and Pepa, who were born at the zoo in April 2022, were named after characters in the movie “Encanto.”

The zoo explained that while the young capybaras’ new skills are quite cute, they help the team care for the animals. The keepers were “teaching the younger animals crucial husbandry behaviors” to “ensure they are happy, healthy, and to determine if veterinary care is needed” according to the zoo.

Video provided by Kevin Kendrick/Houston Zoo, which they said was taken on Thursday, shows a young capybara munching on some corn after following a zookeeper’s commands. The trained behaviors, such as “standing on their back legs for full body checks,” as seen in the video, allow the keepers to assess the capybaras’ medical needs. Credit: Kevin Kendrick/Houston Zoo via Storyful