Baby elephant attempts to scare away little bird

1 年前
The video shows an adorable baby elephant’s hilarious attempt to chase away a small bird with its cute sounding trumpeting noises. Elephants are the largest and most powerful land mammals on this planet. On many occasions they know it, and they show it. One of the common trades of elephants are to intimidate or chase away any animal that is smaller than them. This is true especially when elephants are near water. Elephants do not like to share the water with other animals, and they make sure they clear the coast before taking over the water. Of course, if adult elephants have that attitude, you can be sure that their young will adopt and apply the same attitude from a young age. The big difference is that a baby elephant chasing something away is a lot more funny and less scary than when the adults get going. Baby elephants must choose something smaller to pick on than the adults would. On this occasion I managed to film this cute baby elephant going after a small bird called a lapwing. While watching a herd of elephants around a watering hole, I noticed this baby elephant wandering off by itself, looking like its attention was absorbed by something of interest. While filming I realised it was this lapwing bird. The baby elephant tried to scare off the small bird with its intimidating behaviour and cute little trumpeting noises. Every time the baby elephant would do its best to look and sound scary, just like mommy. The bird would just move off a little every time, not looking like it was really frightened or scared by all the attempts of the baby elephant to chase it off. In the end the baby elephant realised that the little bird was not too bothered by its behaviour. Hilariously, the baby elephant turned around and ran straight back to its mother. One of the funniest baby elephant interactions I have seen in a while.