Baby elephant falls into road, struggles to get up again

731 次觀看・5 個月前
The video shows a playful baby elephant, suddenly falling into the road, then struggling to get back onto its feet in the most hilarious manner. Watching any baby elephant in the African wild will almost always bring a smile to your face. Whether they are just being cute, playful, or clumsy, baby elephants can amuse and entertain many safari goers in the African wild. The baby elephant in this video is no different and a classic example of how entertaining it can be to watch these incredible creatures. Like most other baby animals, elephant babies love to fool around and be playful. This baby elephant decided to go and sit right next to the road and enjoy a good scratch while the rest of the elephant herd continued moving along. It was not long before the baby elephant suddenly tumbled over, falling flat onto its side into the road in front of the safari vehicle. The baby elephant then attempted to get back up onto its feet, swinging its back legs wildly back and forth in the air, looking funny at the same time. What was even more unusual and a little funny to see is that all the other elephants just passed by the struggling baby without even stopping to help. Normally the mother or another adult would assist a baby elephant with such a struggle but not on this occasion. It was as if the other elephants knew the baby elephant was fooling around and that it would be fine to get back onto its feet by itself. After a while of kicking into the air, the baby elephant managed to get back into an upright position. The baby elephant had a quick last scratch before getting back onto its feet, then quickly running back into the bush to catch up with the rest of the herd. Incredible to see how funny and entertaining these animals can be when they are out in their natural environment, going about their daily business.