Parisian's wardrobe auctioned for nearly $756,000

STORY: Location: Paris, France

This wardrobe owned by a Parisian woman auctioned for nearly $756,000

The anonymous owner was friend to various names in fashion including Yves Saint Laurent

Date: January 20, 2023

The online Christie's auction offered 116 lots of haute couture pieces

Most of them are from the 80s and 90s

This gold lame-encrusted tunic is from Yves Saint Laurent’s 1991-92 fall/winter collection

[Camille de Foresta, Christie's auctioneer]

"We have a lot of Saint Laurent pieces in the sale because the client loved Saint Laurent. And you know, all haute couture clients, they said that the Saint Laurent outfits are the most comfortable and the more feminine and sensual."

"I think the most important piece in this sale is a dress by Chanel, which dated from the 1988 winter collection. It's all embroidered by Lesage, it's made of purple velvet and it's absolutely gorgeous, with an inspiration from the Tudor from England."

This satin Givenchy evening dress from 1983 was sold for $11,640

"And this is like a trompe l'oeil of a belt. It's very tiny, it's one of the most tiny, it's the most tiny dress in the sale but it shows a lot of black and white also in the sale. And this one shows like how the life of the client has been glamorous, obviously."