Roberto Cavalli launches capsule collection

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STORY: Roberto Cavalli is on a

mission to rebrand itself

L: London

The label's latest capsule collection

is called 'Wild Leda' and was launched

outside the traditional catwalk calendar at

London's Selfridges department store

(Sergio Azzolari, Roberto Cavalli chief executive)

“In luxury fashion, everyone thinks that they have the formula right, this is it and it’s untouchable. We are really in the midst of recreating a brand that was the epitome of luxury over the last 50 years, really.“

Designer Fausto Puglisi looked to a 1994

print drawn by the brand's founder for inspiration

The fashion house had been

struggling for years to relaunch its sales

“Roberto Cavalli was always famous for obviously the gowns and things but he really created, before people were talking about it, he created really a lifestyle. So it’s objects that you, that are, you know, everyday life … And so that was another, another angle to let’s not do just beautiful dresses, let’s not do like a complete outfit as always, let’s do something that is a bit larger and invites you to discover the world of Roberto Cavalli.”