Boy 'Transforms' Into A Motorcycle With His Halloween Costume

329 次觀看・6 年前
This may be the best Halloween costume you've ever seen, a homemade motorcycle "transformer" outfit, that will definitely leave your mind blown and be a head-turner during trick-or-treat season! Transformers are popular; everybody knows Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron. That is why so many kids want to wear transformer costumes for Halloween. Of course the coolest Halloween transformer costumes are those that can actually transform. This DIY transformer costume will sure get you inspired. This kid did not want to dress up like a witch or a bloody vampire, but this his homemade Halloween transformer costume is very impressive indeed. This boy took the time and the effort to create his own transformer outfit and receive many positive comments. If you are a Transformers fan, you will love this crazy video. Watch as this kid makes a slick transition into his full-motorbike state. This boy has come up with a great idea to make his friends’ jaws drop on the floor! He took costume play to a whole different level. He dressed in black, and attached one wheel of the homemade motorbike costume to one of his legs, which enabled him to navigate the direction he wants to go and do awesome turns. The other wheel of the motorbike is attached to his hand, so that when he kneels down and makes a dog pose he can instantly turn himself into a motorbike. He easily makes all the puzzle pieces to come together. He wears a matching helmet and the rest of the costume is resting on his back. This is a very cool costume in the time when transformer mania is a topping issue. Credit to 'purcali'.