Biden Praises Unity and Calls on Republicans to Help Him 'Finish the Job' in State of the Union Address

1 年前

United States President Joe Biden praised bipartisan efforts and challenged the new House Republican majority to work with him to “finish the job” of repairing America’s economy, during his State of the Union address on Tuesday, February 7.

Addressing the US Congress, Biden thanked Republicans for supporting key bills, saying he had “signed over 300 bipartisan laws since becoming President.”

He did however call out Republican lawmakers that voted against his $1.2 trillion infrastructure law.

“I want to thank my Republican friends who voted for the law and my Republican friends who voted against it as well. But I still get asked to fund the projects in those districts as well,” Biden said. “But don’t worry. I promised I’d be the president for all Americans. We’ll fund these projects. And I’ll see you at the ground-breaking.”

Biden touted the US’s economic recovery amid challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. He pointed to decreasing inflation and gas prices, as well as jobs creation and low unemployment.

The president also outlined his administration’s foreign policy priorities, emphasizing America’s support for NATO and commitment to Ukraine, and acknowledging geo-political threats from China.

“Before I came to office, the story was about how the People’s Republic of China was increasing its power and America was falling in the world,” Biden said. “Not anymore. I’ve made clear with President Xi that we seek competition, not conflict.”

He said the US was in the “strongest position in decades to compete with China or anyone else in the world” and that he was committed to work with China where it advanced American and global interests.

“But make no mistake: as we made clear last week, if China threatens our sovereignty, we will act to protect our country,” Biden said.

Among the guests attending the address were the parents of Tyre Nichols, who died last month after being beaten by police during a traffic stop in Memphis. The president implored lawmakers to overhaul policing. “Do something,” he said. “Do something.” Credit: The White House via Storyful