Box Office Roundup: 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Swings Away with the Win

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4 年前
Box Office Roundup: 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Swings Away with the Win
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    I love Spider-Man and I thought the movie was fun but I have to admit the changing of some of the characters racial identity was something I was not too fond of. It turned me off, maybe because I collected the comic book and it was not true to its original form.
  • S
    Sars covid02
    The liberal agenda and she cause is so obious in this movie. It sucks
  • D
    In short, if you aren't a huge spidey nerd you'll love it. But if you are then you'll find all the race swaps distracting and perhaps a little annoying. MJ, Flash Thompson, Ned Leads, both Shockers (to name a few) are no longer White. Jonah Jameson is still White, but no longer male.
  • J
    I miss McGuire's Spider-Man...:(
  • k
    The best version to date. None of the corny one liners and they got the kid right. With the exception of aunt May being like 37 and Flash being on a debate team instead of a jock it was a very good version.
  • C
    The previous 2 incarnations of Spidey were better than this. I want my money back. One of the very few misses in the MCU, but it's a miss.
  • j
    Heard the movie was garbage, no thanks!
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    I can't wait till the next one two years from now with another actor playing spiderman
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    Politically Correct movie. Supporting actors cast by race, not talent. Suit is now high tech like Iron Man. Big minuses.
  • V
    93% on Rotten Tomatoes... just when I start thinking Rotten Tomatoes is a fairly decent gauge of a movie they do something like this and completely discredit their selves. It cannot be that good because I wouldn't even give it the time of day.
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