Family volunteers for Covid 19 nasal swabs during testing initiative

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1 年前
Governments have been trying to perform more testing for Covid 19, including tests on people who have no symptoms and no suspicion that they could have Covid 19. These tests are done to collect data that will assist in everything from predicting infection numbers to assessing methods of transmission. This family has volunteered to attend a community drive-through test centre. At least, two out of three of them volunteered. Dave, the passenger in the front wasn't aware of the plan until he was picked up after dropping his car off for repairs. He got into the van with his wife, Kristy and their son, Christian. It was then that Dave learned of the plan. Maybe they purposely didn't tell him until they were on the way because they're heard him talk about the swab as if its a horrendous ordeal to be avoided. He's a little squeamish about cotton swabs and sticks being inserted in his nasal cavity. But as it turns out, the event was a lot less traumatic and a lot more entertaining than Dave expected. Surprisingly, Dave was the one who seemed the least affected of the three, despite his earlier protests, whining and pleading. He actually congratulates himself afterwards for crying less than he expected. Nasal swabs are actually only a brief and minor irritation. Lasting only a few seconds and similar in discomfort level to a little water up the nose, these tests are nothing to fear. If a big chicken like Dave can do it, anybody can do it.
俗話說開車技術爛不是病,但爛起來要人命(有這句嗎?) 有些人平常好端端的,假日也會扶老奶奶過馬路,但不知道為什麼一握到方向盤立刻變空安 不相信嗎?看了就知道!