School closure brings little girl and her dog together

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20 天前
Like most U.S. schools, 4th grader Sierra’s school closed down and the children now have to do their work at home. For Sierra this comes with a huge bonus - spending time with her giant puppy. Every school day, Samson the Newfoundland would walk her to the car and seem sad that she was leaving. Now, the two of them are snuggled up, doing work, and very happy. Such a sweet pair.
俗話說開車技術爛不是病,但爛起來要人命(有這句嗎?) 有些人平常好端端的,假日也會扶老奶奶過馬路,但不知道為什麼一握到方向盤立刻變空安 不相信嗎?看了就知道!