ChatGPT can resume in Italy if it meets watchdog's demands

STORY: ChatGPT could be back online in Italy soon, just as long as it plays by new rules.

Italy’s data protection agency on Wednesday (April 13) set out a list of demands for the chatbot's developer OpenAI, following its temporary ban in the country.

The authority, called Garante, said the tech firm must inform users in Italy of "the methods and logic" behind ChatGPT’s data processing system.

It also told OpenAI to give users the tools to request the correction of personal data.

This is in the instance of data being inaccurately generated by the AI service.

If a correction is not possible, users can request data deletion.

OpenAI should also allow non-users to oppose the processing of their personal data "in a simple and accessible manner", Garante said.

The company must also introduce age verification by the end of September, with no allowance on users under 13.

OpenAi must meet these demands by the end of April for ChatGPT to resume service in Italy.

Microsoft-backed OpenAI took ChatGPT offline in the country almost two weeks ago.

As the watchdog began a probe into a suspected breach of privacy rules.

The agency said it would continue this investigation, reserving the right to impose any other measures needed at its conclusion.