Cheeky elephant throws dirt at safari vehicle

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The video shows the hilarious moment when an elephant bull unexpectedly decides to throw a trunk full of soil over the person busy filming him. African elephants are the largest land mammals roaming our planet. Not only are they massive, but elephants are also rated to be some of the smartest and most intelligent mammals in the world. Watching elephants out in the wild is always a very rewarding experience as these animals have a legion of behavioural patterns that still boggles human minds to this day. This makes elephants very unpredictable and many a time dangerous, as you just don’t know what they think of you when they see you and how they will react towards you. Encounters with elephants can range from hilarious to outright dangerous, you just don’t know and must be on high alert when finding them in the wild. It was just after some heavy rains one morning that I decided to go out with my safari vehicle on my own and explore a wilderness area out in the Kruger National Park in South Africa. I was keen to see what animals will be out and about just after the heavy downpour we had. At first, I didn’t see much but then came across a lone elephant bull standing in the bush not too far from the road. I decided to switch off my vehicle to watch and film the magnificent creature, looking all relaxed while he was feeding. One sign that an elephant is relaxed is when they continue feeding while you are in their presence. This elephant bull became unpredictable and had me guessing on its next move when he suddenly stopped feeding. The elephant bull just stood there quietly, and he didn’t give me any clue on what his next move will be. Suddenly the bull looked at me and came a little closer in an intimidating manner. That behaviour got my heart racing, and I couldn’t just start my vehicle as it would have startled him. The elephant bull was still not feeding, and he was just standing there, creating immense levels of uncertainty in my mind on what the big boy’s intensions were. The few videos I have seen of elephants rolling and crushing tourist vehicles was in the back of my mind. The elephant bull stopped a few meters away from my vehicle and I noticed that he started scratching with his front foot in the wet soil. His trunk went down slowly and then suddenly, wham, the elephant bull launched a whole trunk of wet soil over me, my vehicle, and my camera. I was absolutely stunned by this unexpected behaviour and have never experienced a reaction like that coming from an elephant in all my years as a safari guide. After throwing me with wet soil, the elephant bull remained dead still, staring me down before he decided to leave me alone and slowly moved on. I immediately made sure that I moved on and away from him. Clearly, he was not happy with my presence. I was just so happy that the elephant bull opted with throwing me with soil instead of attacking or trampling me. Just another example of how unpredictable any elephant out in the wild can be.