Cheeky Project at Art Basel Miami Beach Displays Attendees' Bank Balances

1 年前

A Brooklyn-based art collective poked fun at the status-conscious Art Basel Miami Beach art show with a project called “ATM Leaderboard” that displays and ranks the bank balances of attendees who choose to interact with it.

Video posted on Thursday, December 1, shows the art piece by MSCHF. The project consists of an ATM refitted to capture a photo of the user and display their bank account balance, according to news reports.

A man inserts his card and the machine reads “$48,339.99,” ranking him 21st on the leaderboard, the footage shows.

The first-place slot at the time of recording was held by a man with more than $2 million in his account.

The video, taken in Florida, was posted by Joel Franco.

“Even if you’re not doing it, there’s a lot of tension in the air,” Gabriel Whaley, one of MSCHF’s founding members, told Artnet News. “Just being near it feels invasive, and it’s kind of goading you from afar.”

The work was sold to a local Miami collector for $75,000, according to Credit: Joel Franco via Storyful