Gurl 101 – 6 Outdated Relationship Advice Phrases You Don’t Need

Clevver Movies
7 年前
You’ve probably always been aware of classic relationship advice–make the man pay for dinner, don’t kiss on a first date, etc–but how much do you actually think about it? Chances are good that you don’t. And, once you do actually think about it, you’ll realize that the unsolicited advice that your aunt gave you, or even relationship advice you stumble upon on Twitter or Tumblr, can be pretty, er, full of crap. Okay, let’s put that a nicer way: There’s a lot of relationship advice out there that just isn’t relevant to young woman in the 21st century. Fortunately, Cheyenne is here to set the record straight on what kind of relationship advice you need to listen to and, more importantly, what you don’t. So, check out these outdated relationship phrases you don’t need.