Gurl 101 – 7 Signs You Need To Buy A New Bra Right Now

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7 年前
Finding the perfect bra is a special feeling – it’s so undeniably perfect that you’re never getting rid of it, right? Wrong. You’re going to need a new bra sooner than you think. A great bra can last you a few years if you take care of it properly, but if you’re super loyal to one bra in particular, that one may only last you between six to nine months. And that, uh…is not a long time. The unfortunate news is that your old favorite bra is going to do you more harm than good if you keep wearing it. But how do you know if your bra belongs in the garbage? It might seem obvious – if it’s dirty or the underwire pokes through – but some of the signs of an old bra aren’t super in-your-face. Let Cheyenne help you! Here are the signs that you need to buy a new bra right now.