This giant spider carrying a dead mouse will make you reconsider your trip to Australia

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5 年前
His name is Hermie.
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    These incessant ads will make me reconsider a trip to Yahoo.
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    I'd say it is way past time to call the exterminator!
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    martin k
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    Do Your Research
    Amazing! not the spider thingy, but the fact that I actually was able to read 9 comments before I encountered some obsessed Trumpsters lame irrelevant attempt at humor.
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    This dude has mice and spiders living in his house. That's the interesting part.
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    I love all the responses from people cancelling their trip to Ausi. How many of you ever visit Central Florida? You know, Disney World? Yep, we have Huntsman spiders here too the same size as this guy. I've woken up more than once to find one on my wall. They are HARMLESS. These guys wouldn't get within 10 feet of a person if they could help it and hide completely during the day. They keep our Palmetto Bug population down..we love them.
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    Toyota Kawasaki
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    Have a tarantula that eats mice. No big deal. Humans are a really interesting species. Don't think twice about getting out in traffic where you can die in an instant, yet are terrified of essentially harmless insects.
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    Lee Houston
    Spiders are great and hardly given credit for the service they provide. Mice are vermin, carrying all those diseases including bubonic plague. As long as I'm not on the receiving end of that bite, we're good.
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    This is what it will look like when Hillary gets impeached
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