Huntsman Mother and Her 100 Children Make New Home in Mailbox

8 年前

Australia proved once again it is the undisputed king of spiders after a huntsman, endearingly named Hortense, and her 100 or so children moved into a mailbox in a Victoria home.

Video from November 21, taken by North Bendigo woman Natasha Joyce, shows her opening her mailbox and finding a Holconia huntsman, which The Bendigo Advertiser reported as having lived there for six weeks. Over that time, the mother stood by the egg sac as hundreds of spiders began to hatch.

The video shows Hortense and her swarm of children hanging around the egg sac; in the other corner of the mailbox, what appears to be a bull ant or wasp falls into the web and gets caught. Credit: YouTube/Natasha Joyce via Storyful