Crowd in Shanghai Calls for Xi Jinping to 'Step Down'

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A crowd of protesters in Shanghai called for China’s president Xi Jinping to stand down, video filmed by a journalist at the demonstration on Sunday, November 27, shows.

Video and audio verified by Storyful, and filmed by journalist Philip Roin from Danmarks Radio, shows a crowd on Shanghai’s Wulumqi Road.

A protester can be heard shouting “CCP (Chinese Communist Party)” to which the crowd shouts “step down”. The protester then shouts “Xi Jinping” and the crowd once again shouts “step down”.

Rare protests against Covid restrictions have been seen Shanghai and other parts of China, including Beijing, as residents question Xi Jinping’s zero-COVID policy.

This footage was filmed on Wulumuqi Road, which is named after the capital of China’s Xinjiang province, where 10 people died in an apartment building fire on Thursday, Channel News Asia (CNA) reported.

CNA said that some people had blamed the deaths on lockdown restrictions, but local authorities denied the claims. Credit: Danmarks Radio via Storyful