Curious baby elephant is fascinated by safari vehicle

91 次觀看・6 個月前
The video shows an adorable baby elephant in the African wild approaching a safari vehicle, then becoming totally fascinated by the large green object in front of it, all under the watchful eye of its mother. During the first few years in the life of a baby, human or animal, curiosity plays a big role, as they are constantly learning, smelling, and touching new things and objects. Baby elephants are no different and they are just adorable to watch out in the African wild while they go about learning everything that is around them in their direct environment. Even the safari vehicles that they might only see occasionally is something that will trigger their curiosity as seen in this video. While leading a safari in the Kruger National Park in South Africa, we came across a small herd of elephants standing next to the road. The herd was made up of female elephants with their young. I decided to switch off my vehicle and admire the herd with the adorable baby elephants being the main attraction. While sitting quietly watching the herd feeding next to us, one baby elephant casually walked right up to the front left part of the safari vehicle. The baby elephant’s mother was right behind, closely watching what her youngster was getting up to. The baby elephant looked totally fascinated by the vehicle as it stood at the left front for a long period of time. I wasn’t too sure what the baby elephant was doing against the vehicle in the front, but it looked very curious and stood there for a long while investigating the vehicle with the mother keeping a close eye from behind. It looked like the baby elephant was smelling the vehicle and checking out all the strange detail in the front. After a good five minutes or so, the baby elephant moved away from the vehicle and into the road in front of us. I thought the baby elephant lost interest after spending all that time at the vehicle, but I was wrong. It was not even a minute and the baby elephant turned back and came straight back to the front of the vehicle. This time it looked like the baby elephant wanted to show the vehicle who was boss, trying to look intimidating with its ears spread out wide. This was so cute and funny to watch. The baby elephant came right up to the vehicle for one more sniff before its mother decided that it was enough now, moving in between her baby and my vehicle. Once the baby elephant realised that playtime with the safari vehicle was over, it decided that the next best thing to do is to grab a sip of milk from its mother while she was standing there. It was not too long after that the whole herd decided it was time to go and disappeared back into the thick bush. One of the cutest things I have seen out in the African wild in a long time.