Amazing dog trick in super slow motion

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4 年前
Hank can do a pretty cool trick, but you can only really appreciate it is when you film him in super slow motion... at over 1,000 frames per second!
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    That dog is more cleverer than our priminister!.
    The dog can do a trick with a ball!, our priminister cant even sign article fifty?.
    My conclusion is the dog is clever but the dog in number tens a idiot!.
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    TRT David.
    I saw a dog do that with a canary !
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    I don't think so. amazing is when you spell words you think they wont understand but the dog kicks off anyway!
koko4 年前
Ollie is just living his best life! He looks like he's havin...更多
Vee_Kay4 年前
That dog is tied to a stake. Good thing the bear was friend...更多
r z4 年前
Ehh Chocolate is poisonous to dogs :( Lots of vomit...
Dirt4 年前
Wow, I really will click on anything.
TRT David.4 年前
I saw a dog do that with a canary !
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