Amazing dog trick in super slow motion

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5 年前
Hank can do a pretty cool trick, but you can only really appreciate it is when you film him in super slow motion... at over 1,000 frames per second!
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    TRT David.
    I saw a dog do that with a canary !
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    That dog is more cleverer than our priminister!.
    The dog can do a trick with a ball!, our priminister cant even sign article fifty?.
    My conclusion is the dog is clever but the dog in number tens a idiot!.
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    I don't think so. amazing is when you spell words you think they wont understand but the dog kicks off anyway!
Vee_Kay5 年前
That dog is tied to a stake. Good thing the bear was friend...更多
r z5 年前
Ehh Chocolate is poisonous to dogs :( Lots of vomit...
Dirt5 年前
Wow, I really will click on anything.
TRT David.5 年前
I saw a dog do that with a canary !
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