Dog Gets Sugar High From Doggie Treat

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4 年前

It’s not only kids and adults that can get sugar highs, it appears dogs can too.

Mila fed her cute pooch a delicious chocolatey dog treat. The dog became so hyper she ran laps around the backyard to burn off the extra energy. We hope the crash wasn’t too bad.

(Please note the chocolate the dog was given was designed for dog consumption.) Credit: Mila Bojovic Via Storyful via Storyful

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    r z
    Ehh Chocolate is poisonous to dogs :( Lots of vomit...
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    This lady is making a video about her possibly accidently killing her dog....and she is as clueless as they come. What a dumb woman.
koko4 年前
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Vee_Kay4 年前
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r z4 年前
Ehh Chocolate is poisonous to dogs :( Lots of vomit...
Dirt4 年前
Wow, I really will click on anything.
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