This Dog Has Mastered the Art of the Fart

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5 年前

When it comes to dogs and farting, they tend to be silent killers. One moment everything is fine, the next you almost need a gas mask. But this dog seems to love farting out loud and his owner Billy Howard shared a video on March 3 to demonstrate.

Howard shared the video on Twitter and the clip shows the brown labrador sitting calmly while his backside lets off an explosion of noise. Several of them in fact. Howard captioned the tweet, “Here’s 45 seconds of my dog farting louder than any human I’ve ever heard (last one is the worst).”

The video had 690 retweets and 1,766 likes at time of writing. Credit: Twitter/billyhoward930 via Storyful

  • D
    Wow, I really will click on anything.
  • N
    No More Mr. Nice Guy
    Most dads have mastered this art as well.
  • t
    What the heck are you feeding him? Clearly he's having digestive trouble.
  • S
    A decent diet would fix that and his weight problem.
  • D
    When my bubba farts he gets up and looks at his butt. He is beyond goofy!
  • L
    Totally bogus, when my dog farts, she looks at her butt and then runs away.
  • E
    I have a cat that every now and then lets one loose. You don't hear it, but all of a sudden a stench surrounds you and all you can do is run away. One time I slept in a little longer than usual, then this smell came over me while sleeping. It worked better than an alarm and there is my fur ball laying next to me. His other trick is to sit on the top of my head board and swish his tail back and forth across my face. He really is a stinker. lol
  • J
    My wife can out do that dog any day.
  • M
    This dog hasn't mastered anything but his owner has mastered the Fart App, what a fraud. These people think everyone is stupid, sorry but that isn't
  • T
    That must be one of them aroma therapy dogs.
Vee_Kay5 年前
That dog is tied to a stake. Good thing the bear was friend...更多
r z5 年前
Ehh Chocolate is poisonous to dogs :( Lots of vomit...
Dirt5 年前
Wow, I really will click on anything.
TRT David.5 年前
I saw a dog do that with a canary !
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