Polar Bear Petting a Dog Is Proof Things Can Go Right

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5 年前

It’s not often that two already great things, in this case polar bears and dogs, come together and make something even more incredible. While things could have easily turned ugly when these two met, they just had a bit of a cuddle.

Shot by David de Meulles, Tour Guide for North Star Tours. Credit: YouTube/David de Meulles via Storyful

  • V
    That dog is tied to a stake. Good thing the bear was friendly. otherwise there would be a bunch of bloody bones with a collar on to clean up.
  • I
    Odds are it's a mother bear who recently lost a cub or cubs to a pack of violent, leftist penguins.
  • P
    That is very strange behavior. The polar bear MUST have had a seal before that, and was not hungry.....otherwise the dog is a meal.
  • J
    Jim Scrim
    Before cooking my steak i "pet" it with a mallet.
    Perhaps this polar bear likes her steak tenderised? ;-)
  • P
    Love encounters of the strange kind, eh???
  • j
    Why are they chained together??? Jolly good job things did not go wrontg then.
  • A
    Just checking to see which bit is nice and tender!
  • C
    I just got some serious goosebumps watching that. Brave dog, dog owner.
  • T
    Thick M
    Ummmm read the story today, the owners of these sled dogs confirmed they were feeding these bears and they came back the next night and killed and ate one of their dogs, bears are not nice and cuddly people.
  • s
    Polar bears and Eskimo dogs get along pretty well pretty much ignoring each other but sometimes playing with each other (see The Last Dogs O Winter). It's packs of wolves that are the danger and will kill them not for food but for territory..
Vee_Kay5 年前
That dog is tied to a stake. Good thing the bear was friend...更多
r z5 年前
Ehh Chocolate is poisonous to dogs :( Lots of vomit...
Dirt5 年前
Wow, I really will click on anything.
TRT David.5 年前
I saw a dog do that with a canary !
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