Dogs Trying to Get to Cat Tear Up Car Causing $3,000 Worth of Damage

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A Florida woman had a nasty surprise recently, when she woke up to find out that two dogs had torn parts off her car in the early morning of March 24, creating an estimated $3,000 worth of damage.

Christie Barr told local media that she initially thought somebody had taken a gun and shot her car, and said that “no one believed it was dogs until after they saw the video”.

In the security footage she provided, two dogs can be seen approaching the vehicle around 4 am and starting to tear the front bumper, front fender, and two tires.

The damage was estimated at up to $3,000 by the insurance company, WAFB reported.

Barr told Storyful that the dogs were trying to get to her neighbor’s cat, which she said jumped behind the engine at around 3 am. The duo could not reach the feline despite their aggressive approach, according to Barr.

“There’s no doubt in my mind if they’d gotten that cat, she wouldn’t be here today,” Barr said.

According to local media, the dogs are unaccounted for and neighbors have expressed concern for their safety. Barr said she had reached out to animal control but is yet to receive a response. Credit: Christie Barr via Storyful