Dozens of RATS emerge from bin on New York City pavement

305 次觀看・5 個月前
Theatre-goers were left horrified after seeing dozens of rats emerging from an overflowing bin on a New York City pavement. The rodents brazenly scurried across the pavement before scores of the vermin emerged from an overflowing bin. Taryn Brady, 29, who was with a group of friends when she filmed the moment, said she was left in "fear and disgust". Soreya Scilipote, 28, Annika Bennett, 25, Shannon Bohack, 28, Andree Garcia, 30, and Taryn were all left frightened by what they witnessed. Footage shows the group on 108 South Street as they were walking home from a music show on August 30. Taryn, a social worker from New York, said: "We were walking from the venue to a bar where everyone was meeting afterwards. "At first we only saw a few rats run across in front of us, but then we ended up seeing hundreds in the trash can and subsequent dumpster. "We didn’t want to walk past in case a rat ran at us." Eventually, they all managed to make their way past the mass of rodents safely. Taryn added: "We ran past and once safe, talked and laughed about it for the rest of the night." The group did not report the incident to animal control - but said it would have been a good idea since it happened right outside a pizzeria.