Super Twin! Toddler rescues brother from being crushed

Sky video
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4 年前
A Utah toddler is hailed a hero after rescuing his twin brother from under a chest of drawers that had fallen on top of him.
  • A
    That must have made a helluva crash when it came down! Where are the parents? Where is the panicked reaction within seconds of hearing the crash??? The twin has time to wriggle free with the help of his brother..and STILL no sign of the parents!
  • m
    The chest of drawers came with instructions stipulating that it must be securely bolted to the wall.
  • D
    Where are the parents??
  • A
    Its a natural reaction from a twin sibling to help there twin ,,,,children run to a parent for help but this twin reacted on instinct to help his brother
  • T
    The Donald
    good these cameras arent they, very handy for keeping an eye on kids...pfft!!!
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    0.34 seconds. I agree with the others but how many seconds were there when the footage jumped?
  • T
    The Donald
    the bstd pulled it on him in the first place...lil fckr... how is that a hero lol....
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