Drone Captures 'Huge' Shark Followed Closely by Fish Near New York Beach

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Drone footage shared to YouTube on August 1 captured a large shark swimming just “75 yards” off the coast of Flying Point Beach in Southampton, New York.

The footage, filmed by videographer Joanna Steidle, shows the “huge shark” and a smaller fish following the shark’s movements, as they navigate through a shoal of fish close to the coast.

In nearby East Hampton, local media reported on a spike in shark encounters in mid-July.

In comments underneath the video, Steidle wrote that she had been told it was “a dusky shark” that features in the footage, with “some species” of jackfish following it.

Remora fish are also known to ride along with sharks, and other large marine animals. Credit: Joanna Steidle via Storyful