'Emotional Support Alligator' Denied Entry at Phillies Game

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A man who brought his “emotional support alligator” to a baseball game in Philadelphia was denied entry in accordance with the venue’s policy, which states that only “service” animals, such as guide dogs, are allowed.

Jon McCann, also known as The Philly Captain, was heading to Citizens Bank Park to cover the game between the Phillies and the Pittsburg Pirates for his YouTube channel on September 27 when he came across the animal, named WallyGator, and its owner, Joie Henney, outside the venue.

Henney told McCann that as Wally was an emotional support alligator, as opposed to a service animal, he was denied entry.

In video he posted on X, McCann can be heard saying to Henney, “I can’t believe I want to say this… can I [pet him]?” before being prompted to rub the reptile’s chin.

WallyGator’s absence did not stop the Phillies from winning 7-6. Credit: YouTube/The Philly Captain via Storyful