Adidas’ $500 shoes test amateur market’s upper limit

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STORY: Adidas' newest running shoes

are an eye-watering $500 a pair

The Adizero Adios Pro Evo 1 costs $225

more than Nike's equivalent Alphafly 2

It's the latest move in the 'supershoe'

competition between major sports brands

and raises the question of how many

amateur runners will swallow the extra cost

Only 521 pairs were released on Tuesday,

with a second drop planned for November

Weighing just five ounces, they're designed to be worn

for a single marathon-distance race and pre-race warmup

making the cost per mile around $19 if, as Adidas

says, runners must buy a new pair each race

Adidas is marketing them as world record breakers

Ethiopia's Tigist Assefa wore them to set

a new women's marathon world record