Alex Salmond pleads not guilty to attempted rape during independence campaign

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22 天前
Alex Salmond has pleaded not guilty to attempting to rape a woman at Bute House, the official residence of the first minister of Scotland, during the independence referendum campaign. The 64-year-old appeared at the High Court in Edinburgh on Thursday to face allegations of offences against 10 women.
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    Robert T
    He's pleaded not guilty and he can now make his case in court, simple as that.
  • M
    Mainstream Media Are Filth
    SNP full to brimming withscum!
  • D
    Another reason not to vote SNP
  • d
    so ten woman are lying get real.
    its enough for me.
  • S
    Fishy! (Well Someone had to say it)
  • G
    They should release the video as a slimming aid. If that wouldn't put you off your food I'd guess you have a white stick.
  • D
    He was acting Independently …..Right ….and with ED what was he to do apart from crushing a few ribs ….Hey... it was Abbott that seduced him anyway …..
  • R
    EEEK !! imagine that lump on top trying to bone you ? hope these women get help and compo
  • W
    William Neilson
    The SNP, Salmond and Sturgeon are GUILTY OF THE RAPE OF SCOTLAND.
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    I wonder if he dared try it on with wee Krankie.
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