Redirects to Same Day Biden, Harris Make First Joint Appearance

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5 個月前

The “” web address redirected users to for a period of time on Wednesday, August 12, the same day the Democratic presidential candidate and his named running mate, Kamala Harris, made their first joint public appearance.

Harris and Biden appeared in Wilmington, Delaware, one day after the Democratic candidate announced his pick for vice president.

The domain had been registered online since at least 2002, domain registry records show, though Storyful found a rise in the mentions of the website on Wednesday, beginning on Twitter at approximately 2 pm EDT, with 23 mentions.

As of 6 pm EDT on Wednesday, Storyful analysis shows was mentioned nearly 7,500 times on Twitter. From 2 pm to 6 pm, the mentions spiked, before steadily declining. A diagram of mentions on Twitter can be seen here: Credit: @zenithpools1 via Storyful

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