Barack Obama and Bill Gates accounts hacked in Bitcoin Twitter scam

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24 天前
High-profile Twitter accounts, including those of Barack Obama, Elon Musk and Kanye West, have been hacked as part of a widespread cryptocurrency scam. The accounts, which have large Twitter followings, were simultaneously hacked on Wednesday evening and a message posted encouraging users to send 1,000 dollars (£794) to a Bitcoin address. In return, users are promised that their money will be doubled and returned to them.
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    My heart bleeds for them!
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    Is this true?
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    William Neilson
    Only Tw?ts use Twitter.
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    Obama, in coordination with the terrorists, is collecting money in various ways to continue the racist protests and overthrow the Trump administration, and the issue of hacking the Obama account has been informed to him. Obama is America's greatest enemy and most important ally of terrorists in the Middle East.
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    Well since it's Bill filth Gates who cares. His vaccines have already ruined and destroyed so many.
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    So I guess obola won't be getting that crack he ordered using bitcoin?
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