Bison Trail Through Snow-Covered Yellowstone National Park

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8 個月前

A herd of bison trailing through a snow-covered Yellowstone National Park gave local woman Peggy Henderson and her husband something to marvel at recently.

Henderson and her husband, who works in the park, were heading out on November 15 when they “happened to see this group walking along, heading for the road.”

Yellowstone is home to the most important bison herd in the US. In wintertime, they move to the park’s lower elevations, where it’s easier for them to reach grass under thinner layers of snow. Credit: Peggy Henderson via Storyful

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    Remember reading an article that said that certain areas of Yellowstone National Park(which is supposed to be a wildlife habitat) has been rented out to ranchers for their cattle. Bison and other wildlife(deer, etc) are pushed out of those areas. Profit first.
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    What they don't say in this idyllic scene, is that bison travel certain pathways in, around, and outside of Yellowstone National Park and have done so for centuries. In fact, it's inherent in them to do so. However, ranchers have taken up surrounding land and don't want bison travelling through. So, they're rounded up in big trucks and slaughtered. Greed, expediency and profit come first even though the bison were there first. Shame. And to think that tax dollars are spent to maintain Yellowstone National Park and protect the species within. Not if they venture outside of it. If they do, they're fair game and YNP officials do nothing to stop it.
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    Mark K
    Yellowstone is FANTASTIC
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    Awesome. :)))))))
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    Good for them! And just great that they have the insight to appreciate the beauty of such a natural scene. I've spent, collectively, more than 13 months of my life in Yellowstone and can well appreciate this couple's perspective.
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    What a beautiful snowy picture of a heard of bison.
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    Yellowstone is one of my happy places.
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    Anyone trying to pet them?
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    Small sad Group. They were all killed off with the Native Americans.
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    Was Harry with the Henderson's?
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