Blockbuster's back at this Los Angeles speakeasy

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STORY: “Are you ready to make it a Blockbuster night?”

“I sure am.”

Blockbuster is back – with a twist

Location: Los Angeles

You can hop back into the '90s at this pop-up Blockbuster speakeasy

But instead of VHS tapes, guests can

choose from a selection of different drinks

(Derek Berry, Bucket Listers)

“The really fun part and immersive part truly here is that every drink has a name and has a make-up on it. So let's just say I want 'The Pineapple Express' - Great. Love 'The Pineapple Express'. I want to make my way right over to this counter and hand this off to a bartender. You're going to hand this bartender this drink right here, like I do to Sherry." (Sherry: "Be kind, rewind.") "And that is how you order a drink at the Blockbuster pop-up."

Guests can watch iconic films while dining in the garden

There are also retro video games and beanbags

“We want people to just jump in here, take some photos, plop down, have a drink with your friend … and really remember what it's like to be back in a Blockbuster.”