Bono and U2 Thank Crews at Melbourne Airport Headed to Fight New South Wales Fires

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8 個月前

Bono and U2 stopped to meet around 130 Country Fire Authority (CFA) firefighters on Tuesday, November 19, after their paths crossed at Melbourne Airport, as the Victoria crews were on their way to New South Wales to help fight bushfires there.

According to CFA Chief Officer Steve Warrington, the band’s plane was parked next to a military aircraft preparing to fly firefighters to Richmond Airport in New South Wales.

“They heard our crews were here and they sought us out to thank us for our contribution and assistance during the NSW bushfires,” Warrington said.

CFA State Agency Commander Mark Kennedy said the band were passing the CFA crews on the tarmac when they decided to stop and meet.

“The band members shook just about everyone’s hand and gave all our members a big pat on the back for the work they have been doing. Bono and the Edge told CFA members they’re doing a great job and they took such a keen interest in everyone’s story," Kennedy said.

“There were a few big fans among our crew, so it was a pretty special moment for many of our members who were about to depart to assist at the NSW bushfires.”

U2 are in Australia for their Joshua Tree Tour. They played Adelaide on November 19 and were due to play in Sydney on Friday and Saturday. Credit: Country Fire Authority via Storyful

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    U2 leaving a lovely huge carbon footprint?.
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    So cool!!!! U2 is great! They make us all feel together! Supporting. Alll of us. Nuff respect
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    As if a thank you from that wealthy turd is somehow more important than one from a normal person on this planet ?
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    Gordon Davis
    The man who is never out of Dublin Sex dungeons . CONVICTED paedophile Jeffrey Epstein attended a star-studded Irish gala that featured Bill Clinton, Bertie Ahern and Bono .
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    Knobo 4 The Messiah. Yaaay!
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    Why are there such mean remarks...full of nasty sentiment...the band shock hands and had some photos with the firemen and thanked them for their read these comments one would swear they were going around stabbing people
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    Bono, he who thinks he is God only ever does anything if he gets top publicity for the job, very much like that other cretin, Geldoff.
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    John D
    Hey bonehead how about all that fuel your plane uses? Why aren't you and dull edge rowing a boat and helping save the world?
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    Why is this Newsworthy? No one cares about the hypocrite Bono and his band of washed up has beens. Stop wasting valuable internet space with garbage like this.
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