Boris Johnson avoids questions on Duke of York

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24 天前
Mr Johnson, asked if he would encourage the Duke of York to co-operate with US authorities about his knowledge of the activities of Jeffrey Epstein, replied: "Nice try there." The PM offered no further answer and turned to the first part of the question asked on the second phase of the Brexit talks, saying: "We're off to a flying start, I see absolutely no reason why we should not get it done in the time available."
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    Well done Boris keep clear of media stirring. It would be interesting to learn of Corbyn's reaction if he were asked the same question.
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    Man of Kent
    I heard an American on the radio at lunch time saying Andrew could be compelled to talk to the FBI surely the answer should be he has diplomatic immunity
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    I wish our press would spend as much energy, getting the American lady who is alleged to have kill a young motor cyclist before claiming diplomatic immunity, to come back to the UK.
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  • J
    Its not his business to join in this media slur
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    Shouldn’t this read “Boris Johnson avoids questions”
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    Chris T
    What does the Duke have to do with Boris? Whatever way he answered the biased press are waiting to pounce with their PC inane drivel.......
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    Robert T
    I am no fan of the Prime Ministers but he right to keep off the subject
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    more important, of course, will the noble Duke continue to drum up trade in arms etc? -this is where the monarchy has cash value to the government.Gives a human face to death-dealing.
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    Bozo avoids answering all questions, unless his boss Cummings tells him the answer first. - so no surprises here.
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