Chatterbox parrot enjoys accompanying his owner on mountain hikes through Scotland and beyond

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2 個月前
A chatterbox parrot has been accompanying his owner on mountain hikes - shouting 'adventure, adventure' in anticipation and goading her about the football. Lara Mitchell, 51, gets bags of attention as she hikes up Munros accompanied by African grey parrot Piper, aged five, perched on her shoulder. Together they have climbed six Munros - with the gobby pet demanding to know 'where's the birds?' to the astonishment of other mountaineers. The footie-mad bird has even tapped into the Old Firm rivalry and goads his Rangers-fan owner about it by yelling 'C'mon the Hoops'. Munros are mountains in Scotland over 3,000 feet and Lara hopes to climb the tallest, Ben Nevis, accompanied by Piper this summer.
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