Christmas markets open in Europe

STORY: Lit by a tall Christmas tree and filled with dozens of stands with local treats, the Christmas market at the old town's square in Estonia's capital opened on Friday (November 25), attracting locals and international visitors.

Surrounded by a medieval setting, the market offers visitors a wide range of local craftsman products and traditional seasonal drinks and food.

Meanwhile, thousands of people poured into Prague's medieval Old Town Square at on Saturday (November 26) for the lighting of a 25-meter (80-foot) Christmas tree and the reopening of the annual market after a two-year COVID-19 shutdown, but the energy crisis meant fewer lights than usual.

The market, which is popular with Czechs and foreign tourists alike thanks to its mulled wine, sausages, sweets and gifts, was set up with more energy-efficient bulbs to both save money and send a seasonal message of energy efficiency.