Comet Neowise Spotted Over Night Sky of Minnesota

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25 天前

Comet Neowise blazed through the sky over Graceville, Minnesota, on July 13.

Time-lapse footage captured by Carol Bauer shows the celestial object as it travels across the night sky.

The comet – which measures approximately three miles in length – is visible to the naked eye from Earth throughout July. Its closest approach will be on July 22, and it will not be seen again from Earth for approximately 6,800 years, according to NASA.

Bauer told Storyful that she had hoped to film the Northern Lights but also see the comet clearly, so she had set up for the time-lapse video.

Bauer also successfully captured another video that showed an aurora borealis illuminating the night sky as Comet Neowise soared above, on the same night. Credit: Carol Bauer via Storyful

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