Corbyn dismisses claims he is against UK business

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Jeremy Corbyn hits back at claims he is against UK business, calling it “nonsense”. At the annual conference of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) the Labour leader promised to work with companies to help boost the economy.
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    "Corbyn dismisses claims he is against UK business". And quite right too! He's against everyone in the UK. There's no reason business should feel singled out.
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    La longcarabine
    What a joke! I have been around since the mid 1940;s and have yet to see a labour government leave office without leaving a financial crisis behind them. Socialists are really good with other peoples money?! Until it runs out. They are also the world worst negotiators. As for "The NHS is safe in their hands!" Who else could give an American IT Company A £400 million contract to install a new IT system in the NHS, pay them £100 million and having achieved nothing for it, threw them off the contract , but were successfully sued for the remaining £300 million by the company and had to pay up. Then there is the "Private Financed !" hospitals initiated by Blair/Brown, which Local health authorities found they could not afford and had to buy out their contracts ,to save money. when H Wilson took over in the 1960's Britain was the worlds second largest car manufacture. By the end of the 60's and after huge injections of public finance. Britain no longer had a car industry to speak of. at the end of the seventies Britain was only saved from bankruptcy by a virtue of a multi billion loan from the IMF. In the mean time the then Foreign Secretary Anthony Crosland had rejected the advice of his Grimsby constituents local trade council , to accept the 65,000 pa catch offered by Iceland during the "Cod War!" with the warning that not to do so would result in the end of deep water fishing in the UK. and devastate his constituency of Grimsby. He replied that he would negotiate something much better than that! He then went on to give away the UK's fishing rights in negotiations with the EU, devastating the industry nation wide, and finishing Grimsby and Hull as fishing ports. As for Labour chancellors' having their finger on the nation and world financial pulse! Who can forget the famous "No more BOOM and BUST!" claim by Gordon Brown, shortly before the worst financial crash since the 30's or the note left behind by his chancellor when they finally left office, saying "There's No Money Left!" As for Corbyn defending the realm. If Putin were to send an invasion fleet from Murmansk to invade the UK, if he was PM, he would be organising street parties to welcome them.
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    as credible as Warren
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    Of course he is against business, he plans to nationalise everything. The whole point of the Labour Party from inception has been to seize power and put control over resources, industry and finance in the hands of a neo-communist clique.
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    No need to promise unnecessary fixes jezza....
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    Nationalisation, Nationalisation, Nationalisation, Nationalisation.
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    Corbyn hates the British,that is abundantly clear,especially war veterans.Labour for the MusIlm not you.
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    Corbyn will be against bad businesses so they better clean up their acts/practices and start putting decency morality and people before profits. Ordinary working People who been left behind will be buried 6 feet under if Johnson is in charge.
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    ooh look at how long the man's nose has now grown he would not recognise the truth if it bit him on the behind
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    Corbyn at the CBI Lol, that's like Harvey Weinstein turning up at the Oscars.
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